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The watch was a Seiko SKX009 diver and was on his wrist for at least the entirety of the early 1990s Gulf War. According to the letter and many images from the time, General Norman Schwarzkopf indeed "double wristed it" with a watch on each wrist. Mark of a true watch guy? At auction, the Seiko which can be purchased new for about 0 today went for ,000.

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The idea is that toward the end of the night, you can check yourself before you decide to drive or not. Psychologically it makes sense from a drunk driving prevention standpoint. When people are intoxicated many aren't aware of just how intoxicated they are from a BAC standpoint. An immediate and mathematical way of knowing with certainly that their BAC level is above or below the legal limit, would probably prevent a lot of drunk driving. That is of course if they ended up wearing their G-Shock Baby-G breathalyzer watch before going out. And who exactly wants to do that? If people start knowing what these watches are then you might be portraying yourself as responsible and prudent (maybe not the funnest person around), or a bit too reckless and wearing the watch is akin to wearing a court-ordered car breathalyzer ignition lock. Just food for thought. At the same time, it might be a really good conversation starter.

Starting at around 0,000, the Kantharos is an intriguing combination of complications that we've never before seen together. In a sense, much of the novelty is merely about the fact that no one has decided to arrange these features together before. Claret himself probably sits down with a list of timepiece complications and decides what he wants to put into his next watch. Like a witch's cauldron, each new timepiece becomes a strange elixir whose effects are unknown. What is the net outcome of a automatic-winding monopusher chronograph with sonnerie-style pusher and constant force escapement? I don't rightly know - but I like it.

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Also, if you would like to partake in the event and cannot be here to attend, we will have a live feed for the whole event as well as live Q & A with Seiko (from 4-5pm PST).  You can either email your questions to us directly at, or comment on Facebook.  We will try and answer as many questions as possible in the allotted time.  Please see HERE for the link.

Then, back in 2009, I discovered the tooling of one of the movements that A.Manzoni & Fils produced in the past and which had been transferred after 1978 to a small village near Neuchatel. I thought the right moment had come to start my new venture. Thereupon I registered the brand all over the world and even met with one of the Manzoni grandchildren who still lives in Lugano. He, as many other people in the village of Arogno where A.Manzoni & Fils originates from, encouraged me to revive the ancient brand.

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For 2013 Girard-Perregaux has finally released a new "integrated" in-house chronograph movement. That means that the chronograph mechanism is fully integrated into the movement, as opposed to being a module on top of a base movement. Integrated chronographs are more challenging to produce, and of course are often more beautiful to look at. The new movement is the Girard-Perregaux GP03800-0001 (GP 3800), and it is manually wound with a 58 hour power reserve. It contains a column wheel for the chronograph, as well as a jumping 30 minute indicator. Other features include the time and date. Surely the GP 3800 will be a base for even more complication chronographs to come out of the brand in the years to come.

I have to admit that the world timer bezel does have a certain understated pizazz to it. Why? I can't quite state it. But Maurice de Mauriac is clever in their design to the extent that while their watches look very standard at a glance, a fair amount of small details give them a refined, classy look that you don't find elsewhere. To me, they have soul where others simply have "history." This is the type of watch a guy in an urban cafe who comfortably left the house without tying the laces on his military boots can wear - but also something for the tool watch guy who wants something a bit more boutiquey and different.

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New for 2013 is the mechanical collection of three hand CT Scuderia watches in addition to the chronographs. These include both the new Salt Flat Racer and Salt Flat Racer 0-60 collection pieces. These contain automatic mechanical movements, and of course just one crown. The 0-60 model especially with its white dial looks fantastic with the steel metal bracelet. Though the white on white hands may suffer from some legibility issues.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Bell & Ross
>Model: BR01-93 GMT
>Price: ,000
>Size: 46mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Someone who wants a bold looking high-end military-style watch that doesn't scream luxury and enjoys a dash of color.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Difficult to read GMT time in the dark
>Best characteristic of watch: One of the best looking BR01 watches today remaining a standout model in the collection

Ressence Type 3 Liquid-Filled Watch Hands-On

Ressence Type 3 Liquid-Filled Watch Hands-On

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If my French was better I'd ask Christophe what he would do with his life if he'd never discovered watches. What would he make? Where would he apply his talents? Would he still be someone who creates and builds? Would he be a numbers man or a hands-on man? The funny thing is that when I meet watchmakers of his caliber, I have no answers to these questions. These (mostly men) people are so razor honed to being watchmakers I could not guess where alternative lives would have taken them.

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The solid platinum case of the 46mm wide Parmigiani Toric Quaestor Labyrinthe is weighty and beautiful. The unique “double coined” bezel makes for a good visual effect that I’ve not seen before. Parmigiani make a controversial decision to include a minute repeater in a watch with a dense platinum case. The material is usually known for absorbing sound and thus reducing the volume of minute repeater chimes. For that reason many brands prefer titanium as a material for minute repeater watches. Still, it was likely Parmigiani’s desire to make the Labyrinthe as high-end as possible, and you simply can’t do that with titanium these days.

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As he told me, "The trend in more recent times for antiques dealing is for specialist versus generalist retailers. It is easier for customers to trust that the auction house knows what they're doing if they only do one thing."

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While most people in the United States love their coffee, Europe is all about the espresso shot - and everyone loves their Nespresso machine. It uses colorful aluminum capsules (different colors are different types of ground coffee beans or flavors) for each shot of liquid energy. Once they are used, the capsules needs to be thrown away - even though you can technically recycle them. That wasn't enough for Blancier though, they wanted to "upcycle them."

Not all of the classic looking Carl F. Bucherer timepieces are unique enough from the competition in our opinion. Then again, producing a classic watch in many instances is about looking exactly like the well-performing competition. Having said that, Carl F. Bucherer has some standout models and a design philosophy that we can wholeheartedly get behind. They are among the few brands that really want to produce useful watches that put utility in a more important place than mere looks. Their watches also follow a lot of the important watch design legibility rules that are often loosely followed or ignored by others.

The natural next question to ask is whether these are good reasons or whether these are just marketing perpetuated ideas to sell watches. That is a very good question, and I think the most simple response is that whether or not these ideas are perpetuated by marketing, they are true. Rolex watches are frequently given or purchased on special occasions. Rolex watches to tend to hold their value very well. And Rolex watches are a well-known luxury brand with a name lots of people have a positive association with. So marketing aside, they are true claims.

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