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Based on the vintage reference 145.014, the Omega Speedmaster Mark II is 42 mm wide and sports a chunky and thick steel case with brushed flanks and polished edges. The dial design is fairly self explanatory and offers the legibility and military format that we've come to expect from the Speedmaster line up.

Patterson is a persistent tinkerer and one of his strong points is learning from his mistakes while at the same time always planning for the future. For years he bid his time mending what ailed the brand until it was ready to make a sort of comeback... and that time is perhaps quite soon. That is if the Cesium 133 project takes off. I am hesitant to say "goes as planned" because that would imply that there is one. Patterson's real goal seems to have been a completed proof of concept that an atomic clock-based wristwatch could be done. That whole "commercialization" part was a sort of an ugly afterthought.

To begin with, Horometrie SA is the legal entity of Richard Mille and the company responsible for the brand's activities. As far as the conception of new designs and ideas is concerned, it is Richard Mille and his team of designers and engineers at the brand that conceive new designs and ideas. Things get more complicated when it comes to the realization of those concepts. A key player in that is Valgine SA, a third party supplier and private label watch company that works with a great number of different brands as a "silent partner," supplying parts or even finished products, labeled with the customer brand's name. Given that the owner of Valgine, Dominique Guenat, is also a long-time friend of Richard's, it comes as no surprise that Valgine is an important shareholder and supplier for the brand, so much so that the Valgine logo is seen at several places around the Richard Mille premises.

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Christopher Ward, of course, works with some of Switzerland's best watch industry suppliers in getting the parts for the movement, but they also work with "alternative" suppliers, such as companies that produce parts for the medical device industry. Of course, a legitimate question is whether or not the SH21 can be defined as "in-house made," since many of its parts are produced by suppliers and then assembled under Christoper Ward's control. That is a good question and is an added element on top of "in-house designed and assembled." The basic notion is this: the investment to acquire the machinery and talent to produce parts right off the bat makes little sense, and most brands work with suppliers to get parts for their movements - just to varying degrees. I wouldn't focus on whether or not Christopher Ward actually currently owns the machines that produce each component, but rather that the movement is designed by them and assembled under their quality control guidelines in-house. I will also add that according to Christopher Ward, the SH21 movement is 100% Swiss Made.

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There is one thing I'm still torn on with the hands. While the minute hand extends nicely to the edge of the dial (and the minute track), the hour hand is hitting a point that's a little less defined for me. On one hand, it almost touches the hour track (it's just barely brushing the numerals). On the other hand, it's extending past that central, darker, circle. On other watches where you've got this sort of prominent center circle (call to mind your favorite flieger), the hour hand keeps itself right around that central circle.

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MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch

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Available in a classic Speedmaster black dial, a Rio 2016 limited edition, and the grey and orange racing dial featured in this review, we liked our first experience with the Omega Speedmaster Mark II so much that it earned a spot on our list of the Top Ten Watches from Baselworld 2014. As much as I like the black dial version and the Rio 2016 LE with its gold, silver and bronze sub dials, the racing dial is something really special. With bright orange accents on a medium grey dial, this version of the new Speedmaster Mark II is Omega fully committing to not only the original design of the Mark II, but also to the era within which it was first born.

As a quick guide to watch watch resistance we will say this. Watches which have a 30 or 50 meters water resistance are OK for activity such as washing your hands but not much more. At 100 meters of water resistance you should be able to swim in a pool without a problem. 200 meters of water resistance is OK for ocean swimming and activities such as snorkeling and most recreational diving which doesn't go down that far. A 300 meter water resistant watch can theoretically be used for professional diving assuming it is legible enough. Beyond that increased watch resistance rating of 500 meters, 1000 meters, or more aren't really useful to the majority of people on this planet. There are really about bragging rights, and while cool they aren't going to take you down to depths that you would travel as a human being.

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Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Ladies Watches Hands-On

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Geneva Seal: Chicago luxury watch lovers are loyal and modest. Our conservative and savvy clients like to do business with people they trust. At Geneva Seal, we don't just sell product, we provide knowledge and have fun with our clients, who become family.

So, how do you use the watch as a compass? Well, unlike, say, the GMT hand, this one requires some work on your part. You start by taking the watch off, and pointing the hour hand at the sun. In the northern hemisphere, you then rotate the South marker to a position exactly halfway between the local hour hand and 12 o'clock. At this point, you've got a fairly decent approximation of which direction is which, and you can plot your course, and then strap the watch back on.

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Worst bits: I’m not so keen on the resin. I suspect it will show wear a lot sooner than the rest of the watch.

Of course, those changes are all inside.  Outside are the very visible things that we need to cover.  First and foremost, take a look at the case.  It's a 44mm steel one, with your choice of PVD coating - black, or a rose gold (which has alternating brushed/polished surfaces) as our sample had.  While I don't have much gold (in terms of yellow gold) in my own collection, rose gold is a great, how shall I say, compromise material.  It's a way of getting some excellent color in the mix, if you want a break from silver or black tones, but aren't ready to jump to yellow gold.

Azimuth SP-1 Landship Battle Tank Collection Watch

Azimuth SP-1 Landship Battle Tank Collection Watch

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Chopard has just announced that it will debut a new luxury watch brand under its corporate guidance and ownership in 2014 celebrating the work of historic Swiss watchmaker Ferdinand Berthoud. Technically a new and distinct company, the new brand will be located in Fleurier near Chopard in the Val-de-Travers canton of Switzerland. The new brand will officially be called La Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud, and is reportedly located just a few miles from where Berthoud himself was born in 1727.

The Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono comes in Hublot’s signature Big Bang UNICO case, which measures 45mm, and will be available in two versions: an 18K King Gold version with carbon fiber bezel limited to just 100 pieces, and a black ceramic version, also with a carbon fiber bezel, which is limited to 200 numbered pieces.

The movement inside of the TE8 watch is the Arnold & Son caliber A&S8000. It is manually wound with 80 hours of power reserve and operates as a frequency of 21,600 bph (3Hz). The movement contains a traditional-styled tourbillon and the time. The mainspring barrel is partially skeletonized and viewable under 12 o'clock on the dial. Being able to see how tightly wound the spring is acts as a sort of power reserve indicator. The overall presentation of the A&S8000 movement is very good.