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Bovet Saguaro Sportster Meteorite Watches Watch Releases
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Here is the beautiful and uncommonly sporty new Polo Chronograph from Piaget that debuted at SIHH this year. What I really like is this video from that has Piaget themselves casually discuss the watch. I love hearing that smooth French accent discuss this fine offering, from a fine watch company. Interestingly enough their primary focus, is my primary focus: ease of life with the watch. They aren't going on about the luxury of the watch, but rather the functions, comfort and overall quality. It is really refreshing to hear that (especially from Piaget) that them going on about how this watch "defines haute horology."

You may or may not have heard of Orient watches, but that is OK since they only recently (officially) entered the US market. Orient is a Japanese watch maker that has been getting very serious about making some nice watches for US tastes. The company has been around for over 50 years, and is well known in most of Asia and lots of Europe - producing over 2 million watches each year. A great high point of Orient is that they make their own high quality mechanical watch movements in-house. Inside this CFT00004B is automatic movement with a power reserve indicator - and it gets admirable rate results. Part of the appeal here is the partial skeletonization that allows you to view the movement while it is in operation. You can see the balance wheel quickly oscillating and the escapement in the face, as well as mechanism that allows you to adjust the watch via the crown. There are a total of seven little windows on the dial, and the entire rear of the watch it fitted with a transparent sapphire crystal caseback window. It is fun to watch I admit, and doesn't seem to get old. Sometimes I peek at the watch and end up just staring at the gears moving. After I've looked away I realize I forgot to check what time it was - the original reason I even looked at the watch. This is a good thing, and keeps you happy when looking at the watch.

An Overview of all Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI Models

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Welcoming New Female Watch Blogger Molly McDermott

Welcoming New Female Watch Blogger Molly McDermott

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The Oceana watches are supposed to be available soon. Hopefully this summer. Each timepiece will be hand assembled in Barcelona by Pita with input from the customer of course. Prices are estimated to typically be somewhere in the 3000 - 5000 euro range. Which isn't really too bad given the boutique approach, and interesting style and technology in the watch. I know that if I was in the market for a unique and good looking diver watch (which I typically am), this little number would be high up on the list.

What goes along with incredible depth resistance is durability. This means that the CX Swiss Military watch line, especially the 20,000 Feet Diver can take a serious beating. Accordingly, the 20,000 Feet watch has been but through an array of tests. This is actually very rare, as the vast majority of watches are never really put through these types of real world tests. The 20,000 Feet Diver watch was run over by a heavy truck, blasted at a close distance with powerful fire engine water hose, shot with a shotgun, and just generally abused. Report results are that the watch survived each test with no appreciable damage to the case and without any interruption in the accuracy and running of the movement.

The watch looks nice, and will make an excellent daily wear with its masculine looks, and anytime viewable dial. To enter to win the watch you just need to follow a few steps. Read each of them before starting so that you know what to do.

To Enter You Must:

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Ignore the first 30-60 seconds of this film, it gets really cool after that. I love watching stuff like this because it actually does a very good job at showing you how watches are made at houses like Audemars Piguet. Yes, you need to know what to look for, but pay attention to the tools and techniques used to polish and decorate the movements. This process literally takes up most of the time in watch movement assembly. While the film is supposed to take place in the 19th century (even though some of the stuff looks really modern), the same process is used today to make high-end luxury watch movements. Take the hand-spun machine that spins the movement plate around, today it is just done with machines but that are more often than not still controlled by a human operator. There are no automatic decoration or finishing processes for this level of watch making - just good ol' manual processes to give it that unique human touch.

You get to see the typical Swiss personality here. The friendly but a bit standoff-ish compared to the much more outgoing modern British demeanor. It is actually quite amusing as I have been in similar interactions myself. It is not that the Swiss are at all unfriendly, but rather that they just need to get to know you a bit before being more open and themselves. Mr. Rose gets to learn all about the brand, as be must be patient during the full "presentation." What is interesting is that at this point the deal is made, but Mr. Rose still needs to be educated about what it means to be an ambassador. Part of that is a lot of images taken for marketing purposes. "Wear this watch...pose." Is a statement he will hear many times. After a few days having a nice time in Switzerland Mr. Rose will leave with his new items and knowledge. He will likely be called back to regularly attend a few Maurice Lacroix events. It is a good deal for both parties really, and a big effort to be asked to be a brand ambassador for watch brands that are by nature notoriously picky. I think that did a good job of capturing the real essence of the interactions and the feel of the situations (whether it was intentional or not). Good video.

So, let's take the obvious. Moon. Flower. Can you see them both? Together? Not at first... but, like those allusions, this watch offers so much more.

Labor Day Watch Finds!

Perrelet Moon Phase Watch Line Watch Releases

This is not the first time I have discussed the new Tissot Sea-Touch watch based on the popular T-Touch line, but it is my article on it. The watch is pretty cool - especially if you are a diver. You can read a bit more detail here (that also links to another article of mine). I get pretty prolific when it comes to these T-Touch watches. They are just so fun to play with. The Sea-Touch takes all the touch screen glory and adds some diving only functions that probably work really well, though I don't know when I will have the opportunity to test them out. While it will be available in other colors, here you got to go for orange!

Dutch Comics Writer and Cartoonist Martin Lodewijk (Agent 327) Wearing A Speedmaster

Hands-On With The Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor Watch Collection Hands-On

Receiving on your Kindle is not free, but it is very cheap. Getting sent automatically each day to your Kindle with each new post costs .99 a month. Overall really cheap I think. What Amazon does is transform the website into an e-ink version that looks pretty cool, and it will automatically get each new post directly to your device. The Kindle is about to get it's third device, the Kindle DX. This version is similar to the Kindle 2, but has a larger 9.7 inch screen, as opposed to the 6 inch screen. If you've never played with a Kindle, they are pretty cool, and addictive. A real good tech toy, even for those people who aren't into tech stuff.

Exclusive: New Marcello C. Diavolo Automatic Watch Watch Releases

Omega Speedmaster Mark II 1969 - 2014 Review

If you think about it - it is not an incredibly extravagant act to buy a watch to mark an occasion. Whether it be your career or personal life, purchasing a watch to mark an occasion or celebrate an event then allows you to take that pride and memory with you always.


Bovet Saguaro Sportster Meteorite Watches Watch Releases
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A high-end timepiece would be the perfect gift to give when proposing marriage, a symbol of love - and a gift to truly enjoy for the rest of your life together. More than a diamond, timepieces (specifically Swiss watches) represent: tradition, craftsmanship, exclusivity, perfection, performance, longevity.. I could go on.

Highly Regarded Croton Time

The 3-Timer collection wouldn't be what it is without the hemispherical pattern engraving on the dial that almost looks like the top of a globe. Intentional for a GMT watch? Probably. Inside the watch is the regarded ETA 2893-A2 automatic movement that is the workhorse behind many high-end GMT watches. The GMT (24 hour) hand can be set to be synchronized with the main time to show 24 hour time, or can be independently adjusted to indicate another timezone. Turning the 24 hour bezel in conjunction with the 24 hour hand will give you a third timezone indication.

I concur with Skagen that these should be considered flagship watches. They embody exactly what the brand wants to communicate, and will look good on just about anyone, without calling too much attention. As a gift, or as a watch for quieter days, a Skagen is a decent choice. Look for the 85XLTMXB and 585XLTMXM watches available soon. Retail price is 5, expect street price to be a bit less, in the many places Skagen watches are sold.

Orient Racing Automatic CFT00004B Power Reserve Semi-Skeletonized Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Marcello C. Nettuno Bi-Color Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

The dial is finished with a radial pattern, which is subtly done and quite pretty. As you change the angle, the reflections precess around the dial, yet the effect is not flashy or obtrusive. The hands are quite good, with minute and hour polished and sporting center stripes of white lume. The second hand is the sole color on the watch or dial, at a nice blued-steel color. It's almost certainly blue paint, but attractive nonetheless. Look at the hour markers - they're nicely faceted and quite well done: