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This is the Orient DJ02003W, an automatic with GMT, date and power reserve complications. Classic and a bit conservative with silver dial and Roman numerals, Orient is as always, excellent value for the money. This represents a nicely made piece with one of their most modern, always in-house made movements to date.

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Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass & Perpetual Calendar Watch Reviews

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The new case design maintains a dive-worth water resistance of 300 meters, but is lower than the original Oktopus' "1,111 meters" of water resistance. That is OK, either will suffice for my purposes. The case is 44mm wide and 46mm tall. Still chunky at 15.25mm in thickness. On the back of the watch is a cool laser-cut engraving of a carton octopus you might have seen in some of the Linde Werdelin comics. This is also an homage to the LW "Tattoo" watches from a few years ago.

John Isaac calls the dial texture "Tablette de Chocolat." The raised squares cannot however be broken off or eaten. In blue, the dial looks quite lovely and deep, especially when mixed with the orange accents. The Rough Sea watch is also available with a ruthenium or black dial. I further like that the hour markers are applied on top of the already textured dial.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 114 – Hockey Pucks, Mystery Factories & Dumb Gandalf

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 114 – Hockey Pucks, Mystery Factories & Dumb Gandalf

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Arcadia AC01 Watches Hands-On Hands-On

The Ministry Chronograph dial is almost minimalist, but in a very elegant way. The design is good, offering key elements of style without going overboard. The dials of course are inspired by classic Dent pocket watches. This is essentially a sport watch in a sport jacket. The large, legible dial nevertheless has applied Roman numerals and easy to see hands. Hands which are traditional in style (and blued on the silver and cream dial versions).

The GMT is the diamond-shaped hand, settable independently from the hour hand in one-hour increments. Pull the crown out one stop and rotate. In one direction the date changes and in the other the GMT hand moves.

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Small-seconds at 8 o’clock

It can probably be said that C3H5N3O9 watches will appeal to both MB&F and Urwerk fans. Will it attract new people to this world who haven't previously seen an appeal? Not likely, but that is OK as there will only be 24 pieces in total. The C3H5N3O9 experiment is small enough to appeal to those existing enthusiasts who will gobble this up. What goes to be seen is what happens a few days from now after the main watch websites cover the story. As I said, there will be no marketing or outreach to traditional media. Those in the industry or familiar with it should understand what the experiment is seeking to determine. C3H5N3O9 is hoping to take deposits or orders on all the 24 (12 in zirconium and 12 in gold) pieces via their website and then produce the collection. Pre-ordering requires a deposit of about 33,000 Swiss Francs. The total price of the C3H5N3O9 Experiment watches will be 110,000 Swiss Francs each. For more info or to order visit their site here.

Seiko Golgo 13 Watches Watch Releases

Seiko Golgo 13 Watches Watch Releases
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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 007 Skyfall Watch Watch Releases

Images and text by Adam Morin

I actually covered the Jaquemarts Tourbillon collection before in this article here. I am covering the pieces again mainly because I got some much better video and photography. This merits a second look because a watch collection such as this is all about the beauty of the details. These models we have here are the famous Genghis Khan piece and the later Alexander the Great version. Note that the Genghis Khan version is the extremely limited edition of 30 pieces Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie timepiece.

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Case and lugs: Zirconium case with titanium lugs

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The de GRISOGONO Meccanico dG is not a small watch. The case about 48mm wide by about 56mm tall, and 15mm thick. It is imposingly cool on the wrist. This black version has a titanium case (as most models do), but there are gold versions available as well. The curve of the case is quite elegant and attractive. It has a nice organic feel to it in contrast to the technical look of the dial. On the rear of the watch you can view the back of the movement and see the floral engravings (in typical de GRISOGONO style).

Piaget Polor watches

These two watches are interesting limited edition Royal Oak watches done in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Royal Oak collection. While not the only limited edition models for 2012, these are the two skeletonized versions and each come in platinum cases - a bit ironic to celebrate the famous high-end steel watch.

The last model is mechanical and one of Seiko's famous Land Master (Landmaster) watches. These are rather rare, but cool watches that Seiko collectors like. This particular Golgo 13 model is actually based on the Fieldmaster watch line. The Seiko Golgo 13 Land watch (Ref. SBDC021) comes complete with a bund-style leather strap and rotating compass bezel. If you want to be like Duke, then wear it in the snow. Seiko even Scotchguards the strap for extra durability. The Golgo 13 Land watch comes in a case that is very similar to the Sea's Marine Master case. They are both 47mm wide, but the Land is almost 1mm thinner and is water resistant to 200 versus 300 meters for the Sea. Inside the watch is Seiko's 6R15 automatic mechanical movement. Like the Sea, the dial of the Land has been made to have a thematic crosshair in it. The Seiko Golgo 13 Land watch is limited to 400 pieces and is priced at 115,500 Yen. Interesting that the quartz Sea model is a bit more expensive.

This year Audemars Piguet released a new version of last year's Royal Oak Offshore Diver watch. The new version isn't too different, but now employs Audemars Piguet's forged carbon case. The special case material is produced in-house out of carbon thread that is heated and compressed. The result is a very light and strong case material that suits the sporty look and performance of the ROO Diver very well.

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When it comes to making a Rolex watch "better," there are two categories for modifications.  The first are modifications that clearly mimic the original Rolex such as modified dials and bezels, typically inlaid with diamonds, or a modified color to make the watch face look like an original that fetches a premium among collectors (e.g. Paul Newman Daytona dials).  The second and more legitimate category is modifications clearly designed to improve upon Rolex’s design and provide the owner options that Rolex doesn’t. Options such as different watch straps and sapphire casebacks give the Rolex owner more functionality than what the original factory model provides.  Just as how AMG has manufacturer approved modifications for Mercedes Benz, and the M series subsidiary for BMW, replacement strap and caseback companies provide functionality to Rolex that the user can install, but unlike the car modification companies, can switch these modifications back to factory on a whim.

Aesthetically, the Casio Edifice EQWT720DC-1A is a good-looking watch - especially the dial. The case is more-or-less the same as many of its brothers and sisters, but the dial is symmetrical and interesting. It has a "gee-whiz" gadgety feel that looks cool for sport or casual purposes. While the dial does have lume, it lacks a dedicated backlight - I would have appreciated that function. While Edifice watches are inherently more slick looking than their digital counterparts, you still can't get rid of the geek factor. Sorry Casio. I don't claim that to be a bad thing, but these watches simply look like a more mature and socially acceptable gadget watch. Casio attempted to make a suit and tie version of these pieces with the Oceanus collection - but the same rules apply. You simply can't take the spirit of the micro-engineer out of these timepieces. Citizen however has done a slightly better job at that, but Casio still has the edge when it comes to a more youthful look.

Pusher: Open/close dial panels

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The second quirk of the 7751 is the empty right side of the dial. The layout of the dial is almost lopsided, with everything on the center and on the left of the dial. I don't claim to understand this, but I have a feeling that the movement designers just couldn't put anything there and it was later saved as "logo space." The trick for watch designers is to occupy the empty right-side of the dial in a way that balances it out. Ernst Benz does this as best they can, supplementing their text logo with the graphical logo and two extra lines of text. Again, it is about as good as you can expect. One element that does help the dial look balanced is the used of full applied Arabic hour numerals. These are further filled with SuperLumiNova and help keep things in order. They also really improve legibility along with the properly sized retro aviator style hands (also filled with lume). Other appreciated dial details include the rings around the subsidary seconds dials and the snailing texture therein.

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