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I really love the case that Prometheus provides with the Ocean Diver watch (they give you a T-Shirt as well). It is brown leather, and  folds open while it is secured by an elastic loop. The housing for the watch is really firm - protecting it from shocks or being smooshed in luggage. The soft inside will also protect the watch's finish. In all, the Ocean Diver delivers on its promise, a nicely made, highly functional, true diver's watch with a Swiss movement for a reasonable price. At 5 (339 euros) it is hard to beat what you get here. Plus, the watch is a limited edition of 500 pieces giving it an addition level of exclusivity. For all that I give the watch an good value award. You can get an Ocean Diver watch directly from Prometheus's website here.

Cartier Santos 100 XL Rose Gold With Rubber Strap Watch Available On James List

Cartier Santos 100 XL Rose Gold With Rubber Strap Watch Available On James List

Many, many of you want a simple and classic watch versus everything else that is out there. These watches don't have the immediate sex appeal of a lot of the complex or flashy watches that are out there, but instead grow on you like a good friend, instead of grow tiring once it takes you too long to figure out what time it is. This is the Union Glashutte Noramis, and this type of classic watch has just two hands, and a simple and appealing dial. Really just want you need to have you tell the time, but isn't minimalist in design. Faceted Dauphine hands with an index laden face and soft dial are perfect for that functional classy look that many search for. Here you can have a German Union Glashutte watch, for a good price, that will serve these need. And really, do you want to spend a lot on this?

The cases are water resistant to 100 meters and the prices are reasonable - retailing at 5 for the 40mm wide version and 5 for the 44mm wide version. Expect "street" prices to be lower than that and the watches to be available soon. My take is that these new Khaki Field Automatic watches are a good addition to a collection that embraces "functional" or vintage styled watches. No one will ever nominate these watches in a beauty contest, but their attraction is in the timeless ease of use and sense of reliability that the watch are able to convey.

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The pocket watch case itself is hefty in a really nicely polished steel. I am actually impressed with the high level of polish, and that the watch feels so solidly made. The dial is machine engraved steel that looks nice with its various textured areas. The Breguet style blued steel pomme hands as well as Arabic numerals fit the character of the watch well. Small steel orbs are placed behind the hour markers that enhance the look of depth, as well as the pocket watch's vintage style demeanor. The dial is covered with a sapphire crystal and the watch is water resistant to 30 meters. I must say that the dial layout is flawlessly done.  That layout of the power reserve indicator, Orient company logo, and the length of the hands are done precisely as should have been done. I can tell that Orient's designers put their time into this one.

GoS fits most of their watches on mesh metal bracelets which seen to compliment the look pretty well. The exposed movement is nice, but other than the fantastic rotor, there does not seem to be much decoration. They should have placed a bit more on there. The dial attempts to look simple with only four hour markers, but I would have preferred all 12 of them. The hour markers are done in gold dial with diamonds. Not in the Dragon, but in other GoS watch models, you'll find another diamond used as a cabochon at the end of the crown.

Overall I like Bathys a lot. There are lots of little touches and character in the watch that make it more interesting that you average Tag Heuer diver watch for example. The Bathys Benthic Ti watches retail for 5 with the automatic models (with steel cases going for more). If you want to learn more or get one, you can do so directly at Bathys Hawaii's website here.

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Bathys Hawaii Benthic Rose Gold Bezel and Silver PVD Case
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There is a lot to look forward to as well. Customer service people who actually know what you are talking about. Watches that can be tracked in various supply or shipment chains as well as imbued with special information (as you know the amount of info that you can place on a watch is limited). The information in the RFID tags can even be updated. Such as when a watch has been serviced, etc... A potential barrier to seeing these watches in too many places is the high cost of materials. Winwatch is a business and as such may charge too much which will be a problem now as watch companies are looking to reduce costs. Look out for more details soon. Hopefully watches with built in RFID tags will be available within a year's time.

Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch Giveaway

Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch Giveaway

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Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse Limited Edition

Linde Werdelin takes the concept a step further and discusses the things in the world the influence the design of the watches and other "beautiful" things. The Lab discusses boats and homes, and even vacation spots. The idea is to get you involved with the brand, the people, and the products. When it comes down to it, most watch companies are boutique operations. A few dedicated watch lovers, designers, and engineers who toil and sit around thinking about more and more impressive products. The best are ones that make watches "for themselves." Allowing the watch makers to create their ideal watch will often result in the best result for you, the consumer. Why? Because you don't cut corners or make too many sacrifices when you are making something for yourself. This is a lot of the mentality that goes into brands like Linde Werdelin - and you get a little taste of that when looking at their blog. They aren't the only maker out there to have a blog, but they are of the few who really understand the importance of it when it comes to having people "share the vision" of what your brand and watches are all about.

Nautische Instrumente Mühle Glashütte Terranaut Watch collection Watch Releases has no less than 15 watch deal of the day websites listed right now. Plus, they are listed in order of "time ending soonest." Meaning that the deals are listed with the one's ending soonest on the top. You get the name of the site that offers the deal, the name of the watch, the price, and the time left in hours (no minutes, sorry - you aren't scoping out auctions on eBay here). I like that if you hover your mouse over the image of the watch, it expands - showing you a bigger image of the watch. If you want to get the watch or look more into it, just click it to go to the originating page!

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Here is a cool set of new Casio G-Shock watches that are coming very soon. And they are pretty economical to bat. Aside from new styling that is still utterly "G-Shock," the G-Rescue G7900 series of watches is specially made to be very cold resistant. They will survive negative four (- 4) degrees Fahrenheit. That is like like negative what in Celsius? I don't know, I am an American - we aren't expected to know these things. If you want a blank stare from me, trying explaining the size of something in centimeters. Millimeters I am OK with though.. gonna know that for watch case sizes!

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Omega Speedmaster 125 Worn By BMW's Head of Design Adrian van Hooydonk

A great way of summing of the design of the dial is being "functionally simple." Everything you need to use the functions, with some design elements subtly built in. Nothing looks cluttered and I like the ring in the center of the dial that wraps around the power reserve indicator and date window. Plus I like that the date window is circular and not square. The hour indicators are applied and I like the thin hash marks around the periphery of the dial that add to the classic, instrumental feel of the timepiece. There is SuperLumiNova applied on most of the hour markers and the hands. You'll need a rich amount of sunlight to charge them. The M104 is not the best watch for night viewing, but at least it does have some lume. Luminant is tricky in that you really need to have a wide application of it for it to be remarkable. You can also see the hallmark red applied on the 8 o'clock hour marker. The Arabic numerals that are present on the dial are in a font that is being used on a number of watches today. Such as on the Bell & Ross BR01 watches. This is a good thing and Marvin has successfully keyed into a noteworthy facet of popular watches. This font is used on many of their current watches and help them feel more familiar to those of us who are not familiar with the brand. is giving away one of the pictured watches pictured above, it is known as the Swatch Automatic Chrono "Simply Pure." It is about 45mm wide, has a sapphire crystal, stylish, and comes on the black rubber strap. I will be reviewing a different version of the new Swatch Automatic Chrono watches here soon. Retail price for this watch is 0, higher than most Swatch watches you are used to, but this is a different watch all together! Though you still get the innovative inviting styling that you come to expert from the iconically Swiss brand. Learn more about the line or get one at Swatch here.

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the Omega GSotM (Grey Side of the Moon)

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Limited Edition Watch To be Auctioned Off Sales & Auctions

More basic functions include limited virtual watch faces that mimic what it would be like to give with a watch. Many people use their mobile phones as clocks. So give them a taste of what it would be like to live with the real thing but having a functional animated one on their screen. In addition to the time, it is a good idea to incorporate a calendar, and maybe other functions like a stopwatch or alarm. Make it fun, fluid, and most important functional.

Looking at the back of the watch you can see the water intake sensor. This is the pressure sensor for the depth meter. You also learn that the watch is suitable for 200 meters of water resistance. This means it is a good diving watch for most, but not all diving. All purpose diving watches are typically 300m water resistant. Again, this is not a big deal especially given the great functionality that the Aqua has for most diving purposes.