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Movado recently began quietly shipping this new Movado Museum Dial Classic watch collection to its retailers. The new watch model is a slight revision on the longstanding Movado Museum Dial watch collection that has been around for what feels like ages. In the early 2000s, the apparent ubiquity in previous years of Movado Museum Dial timepieces seemed to slowly subside from mainstream culture, replaced by a  host of other timepiece styles. This change happened without a bang, and I don't think that many people gave too much notice to the lowering popularity of the Movado Museum Dial watch. Movado, of course, never stopped making Museum Dial timepieces, and in fact, the last decade or so has had more Movado Museum Dial style designs than ever before.

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The pieces are then cut to around 1-foot-long pieces and are batched up to be sent over to the next department, where they receive their inner phosphor coating. Remember, this inner coating plays a key role in making the tube glow and it has to have a perfectly even inner coating to create the desired visual effect. To achieve that, first, the pieces are put into an acid (as seen directly above), which is then blown through the entire length of the tube with the use of pressurized air. This way, the inside of these tubes become "sticky," allowing the phosphor powder to stick.

The watch features the IN.DD&6498-1 movement, which boasts a 38 hour power reserve, 21,600bph and 17 jewels. If those specifications sound familiar, that's because you might have seen them attached to an ETA 6497/8. The calibre in the Itay Noy Part Time is a modified tractor movement, so tough and robust it could punch its way through a wall. I love the 6497/8 as a base, and love the fact Itay Noy has actually done a bit of proper watchmaking in the creation of this quirky timepiece. Plaudits to him for this effort. In this category, it is hard to gripe with the execution of an idea within his reach. I mean, the complication works, so it can't be totally lambasted, but it is not dynamic enough to delight, nor clever enough to inspire. It feels more like an exercise well completed than the final realization of a jaw-dropping conception.

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