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[Ed. note - I loved wearing and photographing this piece. A great dive watch. Simple good looks with AP quality. Like Meehna said, not cheap, but not still lower on the AP range of prices. Great daily wear.]

Hermes Clipper Automatic Chronograph Watch For 2010

Hermes Clipper Automatic Chronograph Watch For 2010

The Happy Games watch itself is the most classic Swatch looking, but with slightly stylized face with a little pattern on the dial and skeletonized hands. The white dial looks good with the textured gray silicon strap and the Vancouver imagery. The clearish plastic case is 38mm wide and the watch retails for .

Technical Specifications from Charmex:

666 designs range between mod retro and purely avant garde. Lovers of quirky LED timepieces will find offerings here, and people who want a "big, different watch for not a lot of money" will also spend time browsing the brand's offerings. Actually, the brand has a lot of pieces, and ones for both men and women. I would say that the design theme is a sort of polished deconstructionist. Shedding away rules of conduct that govern most conventional timepieces. 666 watches don't want to obfuscate telling the the time, but are more interested in playing with themes and visual space. Take for example the 666 Megabyte collection. An offering of large black square dialed watches with a mystery face. Looking more 2001: A Space Odyssey than timepiece, the watch uses a Swiss quartz movement to push around two discs with dots of them around a colored ring to tell the time. It is actually not hard to read, and the colored ring comes in a few colors as well. 45mm wide and 9.

Sexy diamond covered Hermes watch with a name that means "falling snow." What more is there to say? Pretty and destined to make her smile if you have the almost 0,000 it costs to drop on it. See my full article on the Hermes Sertie Neige ladies watch here at Haute Living.

Hermès Sertie Neige Ladies' Watch Watch Releases
Hermes Authentic Watch Bracelet 18k Yellow Gold Emeralds Womens Wristwatch
Time Remaining: 41m
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Hermès Sertie Neige Ladies' Watch Watch Releases
Authentic HERMES Signature Orange Wooden Watch Case Jewelery Box Wood Frame
Time Remaining: 1h 22m
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Hermès Sertie Neige Ladies' Watch Watch Releases
VINTAGE Hermes Black Lizard Leather Gold Plated Steel Medor Studded Watch
Time Remaining: 2h 11m
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Hermès Sertie Neige Ladies' Watch Watch Releases
Excellent HERMES Gurizado GL1510 Steel Swiss Ladies Square Sliding Cap Watch
Time Remaining: 3h 8m
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Hermès Sertie Neige Ladies' Watch Watch Releases
42626 auth HERMES black leather palladium CAPE COD GM Double Tour Watch
Time Remaining: 3h 17m
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Hermès Sertie Neige Ladies' Watch Watch Releases
42627 auth HERMES orange Veau Swift leather 17mm Watch Strap
Time Remaining: 3h 17m
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Cartier Roadster S Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Sinn was pretty quiet this year at Baselworld 2010. I walked into their booth proudly wearing a Sinn watch myself to find not a soul that spoke English. Really Sinn? Actually, I can't be too surprised, the competent watch maker is a ghost in the United States. With just one authorized dealer (only online), Sinn watches aren't exactly common 'round these parts. But that shouldn't be the case. 2010 didn't have any super exciting new Sinn models that herald in a new era of "superman watch," but there area few interesting pieces. One is the U200 - which is a 'big boy's watch" for smaller wrists. And then there is this unique Sinn 142 St II GZ. An obfuscatory and odd name for a pretty interesting watch. In addition to the Dubois Depraz Calibre 2070 (base ETA 2892-A2) automatic movement its chronograph, synced 24 hour hand, and date, the watch has the first "tide bezel" I've ever seen.

Magrette Kaitiaki & Kai Kaha Engraved Masculine Watches Watch Releases

You have to like the 1980's chic case with its minimalist modern design lines. The chronograph pushers that are flush with the case are a great touch. The crown itself sticks out a bit, but is mostly covered by case. This is intentionally done to retain the orientation of the watch and to communicate that it is a timepiece. The watch is water resistant to 60 meters and has a AR coated sapphire crystal. Reading the dial is about as easy (maybe not as easy) as an Omega Speedmaster Professional. But here Porsche Design uses a different layout due it use of a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. I like how they replaced the three letter abbreviation for the day of the week with a two letter one that has a larger sized font.

Scuderia Ferrari One Watch By Cabestan Watch Releases

I am not always a fan of Invicta watches, but with the number of pieces they release, there are bound to be some cool ones. Lately I have been fascinated with watches that have wood in them. Some watches are all wood, while others use the material for the dial, or other elements of the watch. Invicta has taken wood and used it in their Pro Diver watch, for the "Pro Diver Wood" watch. You can see that wood is used as the center link in the bracelet, as well as for the dial.

For the most part the watch is the same, but with little cosmetic changes. The movement is now an automatic ETA 2892, and it has not been Chronometer certified. I sort of miss the power reserve indicator. The design has been streamlined a bit. Probably better for casual wear, but worse for hardcore diving duty. The black, while, and yellow dial tones are nice, but I think the hands are a bit too stubby - make them longer! The 46.8mm wide titanium case is mixed with some steel parts, and you can see the large pushers on the side of the case to release in the inner section. These pushers are much larger than those on the Eterna KonTiki Diver. The case has also been streamlined a bit. It looks a bit less technical than the Eterna. It has that usual Porsche Design level of smooth refinement. The Eterna on the other hand looked more like an instrument. Like the KonTiki Diver, you will need to raise the inner case out of the shell to move the bezel. This is a security mechanism to ensure it doesn't get moved around inadvertently. Raising the inner case also makes it easier to wind the movement if you like, and makes it possible to adjust the watch. The strap on the watch is a high grade caoutchouc rubber.

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Cartier Must Autoscaph 21 Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Change first came internally. Many brands started getting wise to "doing it themselves." You see more and more brands with in-house movements, marketing departments, and a tendency to rely on outside suppliers as little as possible (which is still a lot in many cases). If you do use suppliers, then it is very attractive to visit China, where goods are often 50-70% of the quality, for 20-40% of the price for Swiss or other European parts.

MB&F With Boucheron Present: The HM3 JwlryMachine Watch Watch Releases

Porsche Design P'6910 Indicator Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 28 HourTime Show

I am no boat expert, but I was certainly impressed by what I was exploring. The boat isn’t big, but is still meant to carry a six member crew from San Francisco to Sydney. The trip won’t be a race, but the journey is due to take about 4 months. The entire time the Plastiki will be generating its own power, and use almost all recycled and earth friendly elements. Not in any BS corporate marketing manner, but as done by serious Earth lovers who intend the project to make a serious point about ecological preservation and the changes our planet is actively going through, despite what political pundits suggest spewing rhetoric from the frame of reference of their manicured gated communities.

The first of the models is the Tourbograph "Pour le Merite" watch. Another addition to the "Pour Le Merite" collection. Actually, Lange has already offered a Tourbograph Pour le Merite  watch, so I guess this would be the A. Lange & Sohne 165 Years - Homage  to F.A. Lange Collection Tourbograph "Pour le Merite" limited edition watch. Darn that is a long name. Aside from the 41.2mm wide honey gold case and applied guilloche engraving on the solid gold dial, I believe this watch is otherwise similar to the other Tourbograph Pour le Merite watch. It has a Lange made L903.0 manually wound tourbillon movement with a 60 minute chronograph. A lovely Lange if there was any, and limited to just 50 pieces.

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Swatch Celebrates The 2010 Vancouver Olympics: Happy Games, Sporty Friends, & To The Top Watches Watch Releases

My IWC Da Vinci Ceramic Chronograph Watch Article On Announcements

If the Hurricane is anything like the 20,000 Feet Diver - then it is going to be a winner. The integration of the chronograph subdials is clean, and I like the propeller style subsidiary seconds hand. It comes with a special nano-tech leather strap with a matching DLC coated buckle. The red stitching is a good touch. Would be an almost perfect aviator watch if it had larger hands, but that is just one man's opinion. Price isn't too bad for what you get at 1,995 Swiss Francs - and you should be able to order online from the CX Swiss Military Watch website soon. The Hurricane is limited to 200 pieces total, with 50 in each dial color. Look for them soon.

Bulgari Octo Bi-Retro Steel Ceramic Watch Watch Releases

The MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt will not be a limited edition watch, but will be produced in limited amounts of about 25-35 pieces a year. There will be just 20 HM4 watches for 2010. Price is in the middle of the Horological Machine range, at 8,000. I will get my hands on this watch soon for a full expose most likely.